About Whistling Fish Software

Located in Perth, Western Australia, Whistling Fish Software specialises in custom software development and general programming services for small business.

With more than ten years' experience developing a diverse range of software solutions for clients in the utilities, hospitality, healthcare, legal and service industries, Whistling Fish has a wealth of experience spanning all facets of the software development process.

Many aspects of software development involve the application of knowledge of a purely technical nature, however, we are equally cognisant of the importance of "soft skills" - those people-focussed attributes which contribute to a satisfying and enduring relationship with our clients. To that end, we take great care to engage with our clients, listening to their ideas and concerns and respecting the fact that they are the experts where their own business is concerned.

Although our focus has traditionally been on developing software solutions for clients in Perth, Western Australia, we also intend expanding the range of software products available for sale from this site as time permits.

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