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Imagine all your business-critical file shortcuts accessible from one place!

CenterPoint is a simple and easy to use desktop application which fills the gap between Windows Explorer and a fully-featured document management system. Here at Whistling Fish Software, CenterPoint is the first application started at the beginning of each working day. Commonly used files are never more than a couple of mouse-clicks away, regardless of where they are stored.

As a project management tool, CenterPoint is ideally suited to an office environment where the focus is on files relating to specific clients, projects or activities. Shortcuts can be added through CenterPoint's main screen, categorised by client, project or activity. Provided they have access to the corresponding folder, anyone sharing the CenterPoint database can then view those shortcuts and open the files they link to.

CenterPoint was originally created for our own use to avoid a clutter of desktop shortcuts and to provide an easy means of accessing client and project-related files used every day. Not only can vital documents be located and opened easily, other frequently used applications can be started from shortcuts visible on CenterPoint's main screen.

Add file shortcuts, categorised by client, project or activity

Add descriptions, comments or the file's current status to your file shortcuts

Share file shortcuts with your colleagues

Save time looking for business-critical files

Keep track of your customer and contact details

Not only does CenterPoint serve as a central file access point where shortcuts can be created according to the client, project or activity to which they relate, it also allows a detailed description or comment to be added to more clearly indicate the file's content, purpose, revision history or current status. In a small office environment, or even working alone, this can boost productivity significantly.

CenterPoint can save a lot of heartache and wasted time searching for files within a complex hierarchy of folders, particularly if you happen to be sharing files with colleagues who may not always save files to the folder you expect them to. Provided they use CenterPoint to create a link to the file, it can easily be retrieved by anyone using CenterPoint who also has access to that folder.

Whether you're the organised type, or the documents you need to access are scattered randomly across your own PC as well as a variety of shared folders across a network, CenterPoint will save you valuable time finding critical files. If you can open CenterPoint on your system, chances are you'll also find the files you need to access, regardless of their actual location.

Because CenterPoint stores its data in a file having the same structure as the one used by its sister product, Project Monitor, you can even choose to share clients, projects and activities across both applications.

Main Screen

Add file shortcuts categorised by client, project or activity.

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Maintain File Description/Notes

Add a detailed description or comment to more clearly indicate the file's content, purpose, revision history or current status.

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Clients and Contacts

Like Project Monitor, you can even use CenterPoint as a customer and contacts database, recording as much or as little information as you feel you need to.

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