Giving You What You Need

Whistling Fish Software prides itself on giving you what you need.

If one of our products appeals to you, but doesn't quite meet your requirements, talk to us about customising it to fit your company's needs EXACTLY.

You might be pleasantly surprised at how little any customisation adds to the cost.

In fact, if we think the customisation would be a useful addition or modification which would benefit everyone, you'll pay nothing.

Luthier's Workbench

Luthier's Workbench is an invaluable software tool designed for builders and repairers of all stringed instruments.

Software for luthiers.  

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Project Monitor

Project Monitor is an easy to use time-tracking and analysis application designed for anyone working on a time-for-money basis.

If your livelihood depends upon accurately categorising and recording your working day on the basis of client, project and activity, Project Monitor is sure to benefit you and your business.

Time management software for busy people.  

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CenterPoint is a simple and easy to use application which fills the gap between Windows Explorer and a fully-featured document management system.

Shortcuts can be added through CenterPoint's main screen, categorised by client, project or activity; anyone sharing the CenterPoint database can then view the shortcuts and open the files to which they link, provided they have access to the corresponding folder.

CenterPoint is ideally suited to an office environment where the focus is on files relating to specific clients, projects or activities.

File shortcuts at your fingertips.  

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More about CenterPoint...

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