Does your business still use clumsy, error-prone manual systems?

Have the capabilities of your existing computer systems become inadequate as your business needs have evolved?

Are you tired of off-the-shelf software packages whose shortcomings and limitations you have to work around or just put up with?

Are there processes within your business you wish could be automated or integrated with other computerised systems?

If you answer 'Yes!' to any of these questions, perhaps it's time you considered the advantages of using professionally-developed software tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Rather than adapting your processes to match the limitations of a pre-packaged software product, let us develop a tailored solution which provides the features you need, simplifies data entry, enforces validation rules to ensure consistency of data, automates complex or repetitive tasks and satisfies every item on your software "wish list".

While there are countless off-the-shelf software products available covering the majority of your business computing requirements, it's a fact of life that none will be an exact fit for your business. In contrast, you can be assured that the product we deliver will be designed to meet all of your needs and expectations and increase your productivity markedly.

We focus on collaborating with you throughout all stages of the software development process in recognition of the fact that you know your business best. From identifying and documenting your business software requirements through to implementing and supporting your new system, we listen to your ideas while drawing on our own experience to offer guidance and suggestions.

We regard our relationship with a client to be a partnership and much more than a business transaction. Ultimately, your success contributes to our own continued good fortune and, in that context, we strive always to provide friendly, professional service and quality products.

With over ten years' experience developing custom computer systems for government departments, large corporate clients and small businesses, Whistling Fish Software is well qualified to deliver your custom business software applications. Whether you need a fully-customised single-user or networked software application, a simple database, or would just like to automate your existing suite of Microsoft Office products, we're here to help - why don't you give us a call?